Home Renovations for More Natural Light: Best Ideas
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One of the most sought out qualities people look for when searching for a new home in Maryland and North Virginia nowadays is how much natural light is coming in. Lighting plays an important factor in anyone’s decision, as lighting allows us to perceive how welcoming we find any household to be. When we see a room with more lighting, specifically natural lighting, we automatically envision ourselves putting the bright room to good use. If we find ourselves inside a dark room, we won’t feel as productive, and we would immediately try to find the room with the best lighting to conduct our work there. This is why home renovations can help you.


In order to make the best of natural light and sunlight, you must consider the location of your home before assuming construction on the interior and exterior. If your house is facing towards the sun, you’ll have a better chance of utilizing the natural light and coming up with ways to balance how much of it you want to come in. If your house is facing away from the sun, it’ll be a little more difficult, but still possible. Here are a couple of renovation ideas for more natural light in your household.


Sun Tubes

Many studies conducted demonstrate that natural light makes for better well-being and positivity. Therefore, Sun tubes, also known as sun pipes or light tunnels, uses reflective material to transmit and funnel natural light from a hole cut into roof, through a ceiling and into a room. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of letting light into an interior you might have thought wouldn’t have had the option for natural light. It also has a light-dimming feature, which allows you to control the amount of natural light spilling into the room.



Skylights are very useful in places like the DC Area or North Virginia, where the sunlight is limited. A skylight is not a window, as it is made thicker and able to withstand harsh weather, like heavy rain, hail, and snow. A properly installed skylight also shouldn’t leak when it rains. Regardless, a skylight would guarantee in improving your interior lighting.


High Windows

There are great benefits to positioning your windows high, such as providing you with a cost effective insulation and ventilation alternatives. Hot air rises. With high windows, the hot air will rise and leave through the window, thus cooling down the rest of the household. It will also allow in natural light, and control just how much light is entering through the glass. Many of these high windows are usually placed in the kitchen area.


Overall, you would greatly benefit from light that is a little more natural in your life, and not just on a personal level of improving your health, happiness, and livelihood. Installing these different alternatives to allow natural light into your home will greatly reduce your electric bill, as you will have less of a need to turn on the light. There is nothing more welcoming in your household than the warmth of the sun.

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