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Remodel Your Home To Be Eco-Friendly and Greener

Remodeling ‘green’ can feel great; after all, you are taking steps to help the environment and doing so promotes a feeling of doing something for the greater good. There are times, however, where you may feel as though your choice to use ecologically sound roofing materials instead of regular dimensional singles isn’t really making that much of an impact.

While it is certainly still doing its part in the grand scheme of things, you want to make a larger contribution to aid our planet, or your Northern Virginia ecosystem. Here’s areas where green remodeling is certainly impactful, and efficient.

home_solar_panels_energyConvert Roof into Solar Panels

Using solar energy panels inside your roof can be a great way to save money and help the environment. It is the most effective means of using your natural resources. The biggest problem with solar energy is finding educated contractors around Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia that understand what materials, costs and time estimates are involved.

A while back, it almost wasn’t worth it to remodel your home to running on solar energy. Sure, there were advantages with selling energy back to the electric companies, and having no more expenses on your electric bill; but that didn’t balance out with how much the initial installation cost was.  Today, more homeowners are finding financial retribution through timely solar panel investments.

Sustainable FlooringSustainable Flooring

Sustainability, in terms of flooring materials or anything else used in green remodeling, refers to the use of resources without exhausting them. This is an important concept in building materials manufacturing, and is becoming a hot topic around the globe. Whether it is finding ways to conserve amounts of chemicals used to apply tiling, or production of a line of wall sheathing that does not release chemicals when cleaned, there are many innovative strategies and ideas currently being studied to ensure that our resources are not being lost.

The best contractors around Northern Virginia have always considered whether their flooring materials, including underlayment, take into account their surroundings. Today, with climate change and its impact at the top of the agenda in global concerns, sustainable flooring is becoming paramount in the industry.

Green Certified is KeyGreen Certified

For green remodeling projects that have limited budgets, finding the right contractor with green certification can simply wear you down. For making the house look impressive, ecofriendly and equitable without spending much cash on renovation, finding only green certified contractors will suffice.  Around parts of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C., few names will pop up.


Although, everyone is not interested in eco-friendly remodeling, we all have one thing in common; the desire to save money. With the increases in the cost of living, most families are continually seeking ways to cut down on expenses. Did you know that small green remodeling projects can have a huge impact on your annual utility bills – and environment?

Great building constructors know remodeling with ecofriendly materials means more than energy savings; it literally plants several trees back into our ecosystem for Mother Nature to replenish within due time.  Finding your contractor should be easy, provided they are green certified.

Our Room Addition Build With Green Products (VIDEO)

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