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Offering functionality beyond traditional slip resistant flooring, while offering superior color combinations and longevity which other materials cannot match, ceramic tiles take your traditional kitchen design concepts to another level of beauty.  Whether you’re from Northern Virginia or Maryland, interior decorations are uniquely accented when ceramic tiles are intricately placed as flooring, kitchen walk areas, splashboards, countertops and even island areas of your kitchen.

Hand Cast Tiles

Since paint fumes cause your home to linger with acidic stenches, hand cast ceramic tiles are the logical solution for those allergic to various chemical agents.  Since tiles are precut to specific sizes and colored per customer request, installation is the last step which means a special polymerized grout, or similar sealant, will be the only means necessary to keep your beautiful ceramic tiles firmly supplanted against walls, floors or wherever you wish these stone beauties to be applied to.

Whether you want an Art Deco, rustic or uniquely colored flooring concept, or wish to accent single kitchen walls, ceramic tiles are perhaps your most intriguing of all interior and exterior décor options available.  Kitchen design concepts are beginning to adopt hand cast tiles into their makeover plans.

Kitchens Look Sweeter with Ceramic Tiles

Made from ceramic and aggregate materials yet presented with a silky surface, ceramic tiles have more than their color, design or long-life properties going for them.  Many consumers still cannot discern whether ceramic tiles are actually cement or tile – in all actuality, they’re both.

Many Northern Virginia contractors maintain that ceramic tiles are an exemplary way to increase overall home value, while adding secondary decoration dimensions to any room.  From material composition to overall lifespan, many great benefits of applying decorative ceramic tiles exist, including:

When comparing the prices Northern Virginia subcontractors charge for reforming, laying down new flooring or replacing other kitchen area coverings, ceramic tiles are perhaps the most affordable long-term solution for maintaining high home values while lowering annual costs of remodeling or repairing various floors, walls or countertops.

Kitchens Bring Families Together

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. Friends can come over and catch up over a glass of wine around the kitchen island and families can bond over a hearty meal while they’re gathered around the table. Whether your ideal kitchen is small or large, modern or rustic, there are some helpful tips which we will discuss to ensure that your kitchen design is prepped for functionality and for beauty.

Around Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C., homes are beginning to adopt ceramic ‘everything’ into redesigns, mainly to increase current property values during our real estate market’s lackadaisical comeback from deadened times.

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