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Save energy in the office while remaining unique and sleek.

Recent studies carried out proved that people who are in control of their home office are 32% more productive and the overall quality of the work improves too. I don’t know about you, but I view decorating one’s office as important as decorating one’s personal working space at home. I can’t think about starting to work if my work area isn’t inviting and clean, or is exceedingly cluttered.

A 10’x12’ space with drab, bare walls, factory furniture and virtually nothing to set it apart from the dozens of cubicles on either side isn’t a place anyone really looks forward to spending the majority of their day.  Since freelancing has grown exponentially, here’s how Northern Virginia home offices can theoretically look spectacular without costing corporate prices.

Build Workspace into Wallswhite-loft-with-bookcases

The obtrusive nature of filing cabinets, oversized desks and other major distractions make larger rooms seem small.  Perhaps consider building your computer desk, shelving and other stowaway needs into the thickest wall you have.  In doing so, perhaps you’ll save much needed space otherwise taken up by bulky objects.  In Northern Virginia, many home owners are working from home to save money otherwise used to commute – why not stretch that savings into your home office?

Whereas you’ll replace desks, cabinetry or whatever your office needs (like printer stands), building in this manner would provide the one-off solution for long-term savings, meaning you’ll actually benefit from working at home.

Networks Cooler with InsulationKeep Networks Cooler with Insulation

Builders know that higher R-values mean tighter air leaks during hotter or cooler months.  Translate the lack of insulation into potential networking issues since many electrical parts operate your home network, all which could overheat in older homes.  If you wish to have your internet, printers and slew of computers hooked together in your older home, perhaps you need someone from your Northern Virginia locality to evaluate your room, the insulation used (normally blow-in or batted) and where improvements could be made.  The last thing on freelancers or home business proprietors’ minds is replacing equipment that overheated, or began consuming too much energy thanks to archaic sheathing, weak plaster or useless insulation that cannot keep heat or excessive cold blocked anymore.

Proper circulation of air, such as cold air returns and ridge venting, are instrumental in maintaining separation between outside heat and inside cooling, or vice versa.  That separation means your home offices will experience less energy consumption, longevity in networking equipment and more comfort throughout the day – meaning productivity and profitability for you.


The key to increasing your Northern Virginia home office productivity is to optimize, refresh or expand your current office space. Make the most of the space that your business runs from by making tailored changes that will help improve work focus, motivation, health and happiness around your domicile.

While you need your space to be stylish, modern and tidy to promote a positive, professional appearance to potential and existing clients that may wish to visit your home, you also want your workplace to be pleasant enough to work within.  Consider consulting a contractor when complete office overhauls are an immediate need.

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