Family Screen Porches and Sunroom Addition Contractor  in North VA,MD,D.C

Summer is the best time of year to remodel your outdoor areas, namely porch and sunroom areas. First and foremost, most families take trips in the summer when the kids are on vacation from school. This is the perfect time to have workers at your home, because you will be out of their way and them out of yours.  Northern Virginia homes undergo remodeling roughly during spring, summer or fall months.

Renovating porches and sunrooms doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, however; here we introduce some simple ways to save money when you are renovating your home’s outdoor summer fun hotspots.

Know Design Concepts Ahead of Time

The key to quality Northern Virginia porches and sunrooms is a good design. Moreover, the key to that is to first decide how you’ll use the porch. Do you want an area for table and chairs? Or would you like a lounging section and maybe a grouping of built-in redwood benches to create a conversation area? A quality porch builder will take your requests and put together a diagram, perhaps using level changes to define the separate activity areas.

It can be a real challenge to get the exterior design of your sunroom or porch just right, especially when your backyard isn’t your regular square shape, let alone when it’s an extremely awkward shape with dips. However, many people have to accept the challenge of dealing with odd-shaped sunrooms simply because they have no other choice – yet the final results are fantastic.

Original Builds, or Prefabricated?

Increasing the market value of your home can add to your equity, give you a better selling price, and help make second mortgages or refinances easier to obtain. However, many outdoor renovation or addition projects are time consuming and expensive, which keeps homeowners from tackling value-adding activities.  So, two types of sunrooms and porches are available: prefabricated, or stick built from scratch.

Fortunately, adding new porches or sunrooms to your house skips the associated renovation blues – outdoor screened-in area projects can be simple, inexpensive, and range from master plans to small, one weekend efforts.  Choosing which to go with comes down to long-term attrition:

Your Northern Virginia professional home builders can assess your project plans, create some drawings and help you both maintain affordability, and create an area of astonishing beauty.

Surviving Outdoor Remodeling

Everyone dreams of changing their outdoor scenes around, making it reflect their personality more than when they first moved in. As we grow and mature, we want it to reflect our more ‘refined’ tastes in friendships, family get-togethers and romance. The question is, how you survive actual renovation of porches and sunrooms?

Having professional contractor assistance around Northern Virginia when building elaborate gazebos, changing sunroom exterior colors or shading, or perhaps completely redoing screened-in porches altogether definitely helps unskilled homeowners that possess a ‘vision’.

Our North Virginia Sunroom Design & Building Work (VIDEO)

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