Renovated Bathroom Area in Falls Church Va

Renovated Bathroom Area in Falls Church Va

  Bathroom Design remodeling Renovation Ashburn,Northern VA,MD,DC

There are many reasons why you might want to upgrade your bathroom; it might be outdated, you might want to change the layout or you might simply want a change. But in all these instances, one thing remains clear – the bathroom materials used during renovation should be correct at the outset to avoid mildew or termite problems later down the line.

Two of the most popular bathroom remodeling and renovation endeavors are adding new sinks and replacing old floor coverings. Let’s take a look at some commonplace materials that cover only a few of the gorgeous options available for Northern Virginia home owners looking to renovate their bathroom.

Stone Options for Sinks

Stone Options for Sinks

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Northern VA

Granite, marble and quartz all qualify as “stone”, although quartz is actually engineered stone.  Granite remains the most popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms and gets top-billing for cutting and heat-resistance, though impacts can leave nicks in granite, as one might expect.

Harvested from all corners of the world, granite’s grains and patterns reflect the geographic origin.  A myriad of different color patterns are available and one can expect to find their Northern Virginia contractors offering top-notch stones for sinks, latrines or shower walls.

Vibrant Softwood FloorsSoftwood Floors

Timber is timber right, and softwoods are just softwoods. In the United States, several different types of softwoods are used for bathroom floors; some are pre-treated for longer life, some are modified in science labs which allows them to outperform the very best hardwoods, while others will need some treatment to prolong their lives; here we will look at whitewoods, typically your more inexpensive line of flooring.

European whitewood, typically used as a crevassing timber and originating usually from Russia and Norway, is the most economical of all the softwoods used in joinery, and to be honest, the quality is quite nice when applied to bathroom floors.  Laminate flooring comes in various thicknesses ranging from 7-12 millimeters, giving homeowners considering their bathroom remodeling and renovation project options something to mull over.

Skylights for Efficiency


Are you looking for creative ways to brighten up or bring an otherwise dreary bathroom to life? Illuminate your most frequented room while creating your own light show with skylights. Skylights are unique design elements which open up new angles of light and color for your interior spaces.  Not only do skylights bring an element of beauty, they provide another major role in home efficiency.

Whether right above your shower, or all across your bathroom, skylights could maximize interior efficacy during bathroom remodeling and renovation projects without adding inexorably high costs to materials pricing.  Northern Virginia bathrooms are adorned with skylights more than ever before.

North VA Bathroom Remodeling Design Service

Making your bathroom a classy place isn’t that difficult today, provided you do the appropriate research and ensure your builders are using high-quality materials, then you can create something pretty special.

Laminate softwood flooring offers a long-lasting alternative to stone and hardwoods at a fraction of the price, skylights create an aura of interior beauty when taking long baths, and families interested in renovating their sinks may find various stone types to work better than traditional porcelain.  Remember, professionals that know home renovation around Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. should get serious consideration before time, money and sanity is wasted flagrantly.

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