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Decking could easily be considered the ‘royal red carpet’ of one’s home.  Decks cater parties, barbeque the meanest bratwurst you’d ever tasted, and allow everyone to enjoy nature’s beauty without grass stains.  Much like other building materials, common brands and newer innovations make choices vast, more so than years ago.

Northern Virginia decks will often be seen adorning the following materials, common amongst contractors in that area – along with Virginia and Washington D.C.

Timber Decking

Not only does timber decking look good, it’s also incredibly strong and resistant when it comes to dealing with all kinds of weather, from glaring sun to excessive rain. That’s one of the reasons decking in Perth is becoming more and more popular, as we need décor that can endure both long, dry summers and wet winters.

Moreover, timber is one of the most versatile materials in the construction world – it can enhance a diverse range of architectural styles, and is flexible in its potential applications.  Timber decking is well work every lineal foot purchased.


Ecofriendly and currently found on many decks around Northern Virginia, Trex offers an alternative to traditional wood decking, hand railing and trims.  Your outdoor living experience will never be the same, with composite decking providing longer lasting properties than traditional woods.  Endurance, sheer beauty and ecologically sound properties are hard to imitate, although many have tried.  Contractors love the ease of installation; parents love the one-time investment that provides life-times of indemnity.

Composite materials are growing in popularity, yet none have the sturdiness that Trex has.

Pressure Treated Lumbers

Considered the most ‘ubiquitous’ material of all decking choices, pressure treated lumber still looks great on decks, although current lumber prices merit careful buying.  Copper azole is your more common nontoxic chemical used to treat the wood, although ACQ, or alkaline copper quaternary, makes for an interesting hue if left unstained.   Older styles of PTL were pressurized with harmful carcinogens that could make contractors, or homeowners after several years, relatively sickened.  For the cost per board foot, treated wood definitely makes sense for permanent one-home owners or flippers that love quick ‘turn and burn’ properties.


Not quite common yet, but available for Northern Virginia residents, is aluminum decking.  Leading the charge is Versadeck, the material that may burn your toes on the summer, but darn sure looks great doing it.  Touted because the dreaded ‘ping’ sounds are muted, aluminum decking doesn’t cost what many would suspect, simply because other materials are ‘sponged’ between aluminum sheets, providing both sound deadening and dropping prices considerably.  As more people around the area begin using this conglomerate material, house values will surely see an amicable increase.


Decking materials come with varied applications, prices, longevities and potential pitfalls. Northern Virginia residents interested in various composite or wood materials, such as cedar or redwood, Trex and pressure treated lumber are encouraged to contact professionals that know materials best suited for your lifestyle.  Installations aren’t ridiculously high, friendliness is one common trait amongst contractors and consumers will definitely find property values increasing after decks get installed.

Our Indoor Trex and Wood Deck Work (VIDEO)

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