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Sometimes you get tired of how aged and weathered your property can appear, not just to your own eyes, but also to the eyes of your guests. In addition, if you’re selling the house in the DC Area, the old property can look unattractive to any potential buyers. However, your property isn’t a lost cause. There are a number of renovation ideas out there that not only improve the visual aesthetic of the house, but can also boost its value in the case of reselling the property to willing buyers. Here are a few popular renovation concepts that will help add value to your home, and help you fall in love with it all over again.


Kitchen Addition

A kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in family life and social gatherings. It is the center and source of social interaction. A spacious kitchen addition cannot only add luxury to your home life but it may also add significant value to your home. A big kitchen is an attractive feature for any homeowner; so think and choose wisely on the materials that will be used in the construction of your next kitchen, or even in the renovation of it.


Bathroom Remodeling

Nobody likes a dark, high-maintenance bathroom with aged décor. Safe to say that a bathroom’s appearance and functionality can make or break a deal when deciding on buying the house. Bathroom remodeling can significantly increase the value of your house. Always consider what works best for you and your family, or what other homeowners might be looking for in their bathroom. Natural light? Walk-in showers? More than one sink? Never remodel impractically.


Home Additions

Home additions are never out of style. When you initially move into a house, you might find it too small to really do anything. If, after exhausting all other options and getting rid of unnecessary items, you find that you still need more space; this renovation is a win-win solution for you. Home additions allow an expansion of the property. This creates more space, and more space is synonymous to more value on the market. You could add a porch outside, a guest room, a storage room, another bathroom, or even something as simple as a walk-in closet. It’s always best to think about what you need or what you’re looking for, as home additions can actually be cheaper than moving to another house altogether.



Your floors are one of the most basic DC renovation concepts you could explore and look into. People don’t want to live in a loud, creaky house, with floors they can’t walk on because they’ll wake someone or scare themselves. Faded, scratched up floors, and stained, dirty carpets are unattractive, so it’s best to upgrade your floors to something that matches your décor as well as brings comfort for your bare feet. Under floor heating is also the latest rave nowadays—what’s better than having a warm floor during the cold, winter months?


Before you decide that moving is your only option, look into the alternatives renovations can give you. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to improve your home life, it’s certain that the right renovation can do it for you.

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