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The home automation services industry in the United States includes about 5,000 companies with combined annual revenues amassing $15 billion, adding several competitive components to the home automation integrator industry. Though quite possibly the most proactive amongst major players is Comcast, consumers have a plethora of options to choose from. One major competitive issue exists: the industry is concentrated. The 50 largest companies generate about 60 percent of industry revenue as a whole, although Honeywell, a contractor’s choice company, generally stands above the rest.

About Home Automation

While technicians in Northern Virginia have been historically known for their thermostat control systems and commercial grade temperature control unit installation, companies like Honeywell capitalized on an early entry into the total home automation industry, allowing them to set the tone and remain competitive should any company choose to follow their path in home automation.  The company’s strengths in terms of their place in the security services market include pricing, brand recognition and the ability to remain above the fold when new innovations are introduced.

Consumers who’re generally gone all day need some level of lighting control, thermostatic monitoring and entryway monitoring, all which Honeywell provides seamlessly.

The Home Automation Realm

Countless enterprises weren’t in a group inclusive to home automation, thermostatic controls and digital monitoring after researching, noting that Honeywell seemingly monopolized the marketplace.  In fact, most of the security systems we investigated for this article were involved in locks and closes circuit television systems, and a good portion were just ADT authorized resellers/deals, which offers even a smaller concentration of actual companies to focus on for purposes of product saturation and development, along with competitive pricing.  Honeywell made the seamless transition to global home automation dominance during a time when many companies were ‘on the fence’ about which products to innovate.

The opportunity for expanded services, revenues, and offerings based on product and price truly set the tone for the future offerings of Northern Virginia home automation contractors, and offer an entry point for price and market segmentation for product development and future sales.

How Honeywell Does It

Due solely to the fact that Honeywell Home Automation has hundreds of home automation contractor reps, boatloads of options for business and residential consumers and a solid brand presence, they literally offer lower security and remote home control options which others cannot.  Because other companies like Xfinity don’t have a firm price set for their home automation contractor services, Honeywell can literally set the lower price tone and remain in the upper echelon of automation. Consumers worldwide, including Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia, have the luxury of going with Honeywell because of their global brand presence.

Why Automation Is Prevalent

Home automation is a big issue all over the world; if your home security is lackadaisical, then you’re presenting a burglar with an easy target or jeopardizing higher utility bills. Burglary is a big problem everywhere and nobody wants to become a victim, meaning it’s essential to boost your home security levels high enough to compensate for your absence.

A lot of people avoid purchasing into the home automation craze because they deem it as an unnecessary cost because they don’t think that a burglar would ever target them, or having control over their perimeter is a luxury they can live without. However, if they did become a target for an unwarranted forceful entry, they would understand how important protection from Honeywell Home Automation really can be.

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