How to Choose New Countertops for Your Kitchen
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For most homebuyers, the kitchen is the most important part of a house. It is the center of the home and where people spend a majority of their time, especially during social events. Even if you aren’t a first time homebuyer, at times your kitchen may need a bit of work or a complete overhaul. Remodeling the kitchen of your home can completely change your perception of an old space.

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, then there are a few things you should consider before you make any final renovation decisions. One of these consideration changes you plan is to make to your countertop. The countertop is, if not the most, one of the main features of your kitchen, so you should devote a lot of thought into how you wish to remodel it. Below are some steps to follow when choosing new countertops for your kitchen.

Step #1: Know Your Budget

When you go to make your final decision on a new countertop, you should have a clear budget in mind. Countertops can be a hefty investment depending on the size and material you have in mind. What brand you purchase from will also play a large factor in how expensive your new countertops will be. Some higher end brands will be in the higher price range, so if you have a smaller budget, then try to avoid the larger name brands.

Step #2:  Know Your Measurements

Know the design that you wish to have for your new countertop, whether it will have an island or just the normal counter space, and what the dimensions of the space you have to work in are. Based on the dimensions of your kitchen, certain designs or sizes of countertops may be unavailable to you. Everything sounds good in theory, but you do not want to sacrifice the functionality of your kitchen because you were not mindful of the space of your kitchen.

Step #3: Laminate Countertops

An option that is always open to you if you wish for a cheaper option is laminate countertops. These countertops are made with a sheeting glued to plywood or particleboard substrate.  They are easy to maintain, but you may see visible seams or edges as a result of how they are constructed.

Step #4: Decide on a Material

Based on your needs, and how much you value the aesthetic value of your countertops, there are a variety of styles, colors, and materials to choose among for your new countertop. If you prize durability over all other factors, then you should choose quartz or manufactured solid surfacing. Both are very durable and do not require a lot of maintenance. If the look of your counter are more your concern, then you should consider marble, granite, or soapstone. These materials require more maintenance, but are more eye appealing and unique in their appearance.

The countertop will either make or break the entirety of your kitchen, so you should take care when deciding on the material, color, and style of a new countertop. What type of material you buy will determine the price range and the longevity of your countertops. For more information on what to consider when choosing new countertops, visit the website for Upscale Remodeler today!

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