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The easiest way to transform home exteriors and outdoor living areas is to apply a new coat of Valspar or similar brand of paint, and be done. This can be done anywhere outside, including common picnicking areas, to create a new look in a short period of time. Doing the job right the first time is key to the success of any painting project for Northern Virginia home owners. Following a few simple steps will help ensure that you complete the process from preparation to the final result, making guests more willing to hang around longer after dinnertime.

Prepare Areas, Equipment

Painting a room will go faster when it has been properly prepared. No matter how careful you are about taking care of your home, there’s going to come a time when your paint starts to fade or peel.  But if you think you can just roll up your sleeves and grab a paintbrush, think again!  If you want your home to look more than spectacular, you’ve got to hire professional house painters.

If the outside of your home needs painting, there’s likely some mildew, wood rot, or even cracked caulk around the windows that needs to be tackled first.

Quick Fixes Are Possible

There are many different solutions to fixing common exterior paint issues on houses of all ages. Poor preparation is one of the main causes of these problems and remembering that new paint loves clean and dry surfaces is the first step in alleviating any future complications. One of your most common paint problems is algae, which is definitely bad for home exteriors and outdoor living areas where children are present.  Algae can begat black mold, and we’re all aware of what black mold does.

Algae’s airborne spores can grow on surfaces that are wet in areas that receive a lot of bright light.

What’s Trending?

If you love nothing more than transforming and beautifying your home, then you’ll adore these fabulous exterior painting design trends.

Make Guests Feel Welcomed

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate, available upper garage bungalow for overnight guests, you are probably wondering how to paint and decorate such exterior areas to create appeal. When you have the same people as overnight guests repetitively, it can be easier to narrow down your choices and choose a décor that you know will be comfortable for them.

Many home exteriors and outdoor living areas could be accented with paints from Valspar, stains from MinWax or whatever your favorite contractor suggests.  Remember, if you’re seeing excessive amounts of algae or wood rotting, perhaps an exterior overhaul should come before the painting commences.

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