Coolest Renovations for Your Office Space
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You’re beginning to notice that your employees in the DC Area are slacking off on the job—the dull brown walls and quiet hum of the overhead lights put them to sleep, and too many of them are complaining about their lower back pain from sitting at their desk for too long. You might even find yourself short of employees because of the colorless and barren environment that makes up your office. So what do you do? Remodel.


Remodeling your office can attract new potential employees, can increase application reception, and can boost your employees’ overall mood as they work throughout the day. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do, here are some cool renovation ideas to help get you started.



Get rid of those filing cabinets and start looking into leveling up your computer desk by building a number of shelves up the wall. Look around your office and consider what’s not necessary—then create space. In order to work productively and efficiently, you want to create more room to work, a space of reflection, rid of the cubicles and open communication between the other workers. Having too much in the office can create a claustrophobic setting, and limit you and others from reaching their full potential.



The psychology of color states that color can very easily affect the mind, mood, and productivity. Compared to the boring brown and white colors, changing your walls to a brighter color will show you a change in work ethic and mood. For example, a bright and not overbearing shade of red can be stimulating, which would engage workers in productivity, whereas a friendly blue, a more intellectual color, which would allow workers to think more clearly and to become more analytical. It would be best to avoid patterns, as they are distracting. Be sure that the colors are consistent, complementary, and will harmonize well.



Working in a room without windows is like working in a prison. In the process of remodeling, consider the amount of light in your office, and other ways for letting in natural light into the dark room. Studies show that windows are what many employees look at when determining their satisfaction with a building and office. Proper lighting can positively impact your employees by making them happier, causing them less illnesses, and giving them more of a reason to want to show up to work.


The Right Chair

One of the most overlooked factors when deciding how to upgrade an office space is the type of chairs used by your employees. Working for years in an office, sitting in an uncomfortable chair can have negative effects on the body and work performance. The employee will constantly experience pain and might start to see issues with their digestive process, mood, and stress levels. Choosing the right chair can enhance work ethic and productivity, and in terms of health, can correct poor posture and diminish back pain.


When looking for new ways to remodel your office space, always consider what would best work to satisfy your employees and make them happy. A happy environment makes for happier people.

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