Top Signals Your Home Needs an Upgrade
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It just so happens that in living in the same house for a given number of years, as homeowners, many tend to become lazy with the home and the aesthetics. Somehow, there’s still something stopping you from hosting parties, and feeling trapped amongst all the clutter you’ve accumulated. And for some in North Virginia, the wakeup call begins when you find the value of your home to be a lot lower than expected—and so mission renovate your residential space begins. Here are some top signals your home needs a serious upgrade.


Lack of Space

As previously mentioned, the lack of space in your home can cause an illusion of clutter and mess. Having collected and purchased new valuables over the years, you begin to run out of places to put them in or store them. Once you start getting frustrated with your own belongings, you’ll know it’s time to get out with the old and in with the new. When you start to think of ways to renovate your residential space, be sure to look into room additions, or getting rid of a non-load bearing wall you might have to create a sense of space and flow throughout your household. When your home needs an upgrade, space could be the key.


Damaged Floors

The next thing you want to look at is the flooring of the house—does it creak on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Are there holes in the floor? When the tiles are no longer sticking, or your hardwood floors are scratched up and faded, this is when you would want to phone a contractor and consult them about installing new floors. For those of you who have carpets, if the fabric is looking a lot darker than when you had it installed, you’d want either professional cleaners or a new carpet to match your curtains.


Dark Rooms

Light sets the mood for any occasion—romantic, siesta. Lighting can tell a person whether they should feel welcomed into your house or not, and lighting, if you’re trying to sell your home at high value, can make it or break it for some folks out there. Because of course, not everyone likes to live like mole people.


If you find that your house is looking too dark for comfort, you’d want to check for ways to brighten up the place. You could do so by letting in more natural light, by fixing up windows that won’t open, or even something as simple as getting a different light bulb for your living room, hallway, and kitchen. Brighter light gives a sense of open space and bigness.


It may be hard to objectively step out of your home and admit to yourself that your living condition may not be attractive to other people out there, but stubbing your toe on the coffee table because someone moved the big fan out of the kitchen into the living room isn’t going to fix your space issue. Once you realize how much of an improvement you’ll see in correcting these issues and beginning to renovate your residential space, you’ll be living a more satisfying life—not to mention your house value will boost.

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