Tips for Renovating an Old Home without Losing the Rustic Charm
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Old homes possess some of the most remarkable character traits; the older the home, the more traditional. Oft times they are filled with unique historical features, antique beauty and a vintage charm that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. However, all this vintage charm also comes with a plethora of issues that can easily become a home owner’s worst nightmare. The beauty of such a home lies in its carefully molded history, but a careful amount of remodeling can be just what you need when purchasing yourself a “fixer-upper’; here are a few tips than can help you take your historical home from outdated to classically modern.

Mix the Old with the New

Renovating a home does not always mean you have to start from scratch. A lot of the times, the best remodels exist when the home-owner decides to not remove, but instead add. While the appeal of vintage items steams from the authenticity, a home owner can update his home with a few new items that not only compliment a vintage home, but also increase its value. Try matching the vibe of the home by adding in a few French Doors, these doors have the look of a well-aged home while possessing the efficiency and elegance of a luxury makeover. Stone entrances, lofty gardens or a new look on some classic appliances can take you on the road to modern without compromising any of your home’s charisma.

Add Another Room

Room additions can be an easy way to re-vamp the style of an older home without disrupting any of the elements that hold its historic and antique roots. This isolated room gives you the freedom to customize the area in a fashion that will not only be modern, but that will add a component of the innovative to your historic home. Add in a themed guest room or a media room filled to the brink with flat screens, surround systems, and comfy reclining chairs for a home theater. You will be able to create your own oasis of the contemporary world right in the middle of your historic home.

Swap Out the Hardware

For those new home owners that purchased an old-fashioned home, you may have fallen in love with the novelty but found that you do not find the out of date plumbing, faulty electrical hardwiring and outmoded appliances as appealing. There is something to be said for the romance of old time appliance like a fireplace and the claw foot tub but in terms of efficiency in this time and age an update can be more than necessary. Update the plumbing and install a standing shower, or renovate the entire kitchen countertop for an easier clean and a sleeker look. Changing a few items here and there will not take away any of the old-fashioned appeal from your home.

As you can see there are more than a few ways of sprucing up an old home. While a complete renovation may not be necessary, be sure to keep an eye out for any hazards. Customize your home to combine all your favorite elements and you will surely create your dream house.

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