How to Avoid the Headache of Renovating Your Home Yourself
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Home renovations are not the type of projects that you want to do yourself. Adding some additional art work for the room, possible. Even adding a little paint is DIY acceptable, but a full room expansion such as a room addition or kitchen addition that may involve permits, plumbing, and electrical is not a safe DIY project and can essentially ultimately cost you more than you gain. Regardless of your skill set, hiring a professional for home renovations at least ensures that the project will not fall on your shoulders or fall victim to scheduling mishaps. The easiest way to avoid the stress of home renovations is to outsource the project and hire a professional.

Some pros for hiring a Professional for Home Renovations:

Contractors offer warranty’s for their work

In the event that a home renovation project is not completed correctly you are able to contact your contractor and demand that they correct the issue because they have to stand behind their work. While if you are the one that botches the project you are then forced to possibly hire a professional to correct or complete what you’ve done. These corrections can sometimes cost you more because of the wasted time.


Home renovations are generally stressful, whether it’s because you are the one completing the project or because you have hired someone. The stress is even worse if you are living in the home while the project is underway. Hiring a professional alleviates some of that stress because essentially you have someone to delegate the tasks to instead of carrying the burden. In the case of a home addition because of a pregnancy it’s unrealistic to expect to have the time to orchestrate a DIY, deal with pregnancy and still satisfy day to day obligations. This level of stress is very hard for any person and even worst for a pregnant woman.


The most important Pro for hiring a contractor is that the professional will be a specialist in home renovations and expansions. You will essentially get what you pay for in this area. Having a professional complete the project provides an additional safety net in the event that some issues arise. The average homeowner does not have the skill to deal with construction or foundational issues that may come to light during a renovation.

Some tips for hiring a Contractor:

  1. Request some referrals from friends that have had work done on their home.
  2. Perform both phone and face to face interviews before making a final decision
  3. Check all references-preferably from previous work
  4. Check the business and level of professionalism
  5. Verify their credentials

Employing a contractor for a home renovation is the only sure fire way to avoid the day to day hassle of a home renovation. The hardest part of home renovations are the projects themselves. The outcome after the stress is usually great and more than likely you’ll love the results, but actually getting to the finished product is overwhelming for most.  

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