Does A Kitchen Addition Boost Your DC Home Value?
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Culturally it is obvious to see that kitchens are the primary place of activity within the American household. It is the most valuable place in the home whether home buyers realize this or not. The kitchen is the primary place of attraction and activity. Well-planned renovations to your unique central space can increase your home value and overall usefulness of your home.

Applied Materials

Extensive space and comfort is most likely the greatest benefit of renovating a kitchen space. Hardwood floors and broad counter spaces create openness and an inviting place of activity and recreation. Incorporation of ceramic tiles to the kitchen greatly increases its value, and efficiency. Tiles are cost effective, receive high pass ratings in home safety insurance requirements, and are pleasing to the kitchen aesthetic. Consider what materials you will be applying to your renovated space and choose them for maximum purpose.

The Right Contractor

Great materials will do nothing for the value of your home if they are misapplied in your renovation project. Choosing a competent contractor who is familiar with the materials and method of application will lower your risk of error and damages in the project. Your contractor will offer experienced insight to the project with probable suggestions and or changes for the success of your kitchen space. Materials well-constructed in an efficient and skilled manner will increase the overall value of your kitchen space, besides its longevity and beauty.

Efficient Economics

Materials, and their best application and incorporation, are the key factors of raising the value of a kitchen addition. Lighting, flooring, heating, appliances, and space are conserved and valued when replaced with modern and more efficient modes of renovation. The result is saved money in the form of heating, electrical, and water bills. These savings benefit the current owners and those who would purchase your home in the future. Value increases as well as appreciation and the collective efficiency of the home.

When done well a kitchen addition does indeed boost the value of your home. Good materials are essential for the renovation. Their proper application and incorporation into the new kitchen design will promote the home aesthetic. Instillation of these new elements by a reputable, competent contractor will ensure their maximum potential within the newly renovated space. In combination, the modern efficiency of the architectural materials and appliances will increase your value and longevity of your home for the present time, and those who will eventually purchase.

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