5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Home Renovation Costs
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Budgets tend to be one of the biggest concerns during a home renovation, for good reasons. Renovating your home can be a costly project, regardless of it is you are having done. If you are in the North Virginia, Maryland, or DC areas, here are five effective ways Upscale Remodeler can help you lower your home renovations costs.

Don’t Move Plumbing

By itself, plumbing work is incredibly expensive. By moving an established plumbing system, you can easily double the cost of your renovation. If you’re doing a kitchen addition or remodel—one of the biggest reasons for a remodel—implement the existing plumbing layout into the new plan. The same goes for any electrical work, such as moving electrical outlets. In both cases, you can save both money and time.

Use Existing Elements

Different structural elements, such as ceiling beams, wood floors, or brick walls, can be aesthetically aged. It your decorating style calls for it, that is. Refurbishing what’s already there is a cheaper option than building from scratch. Doing something as simple as a little sanding with a little repainting or staining can make something old look brand new. Likewise, if there are aspects from your home’s original design that you like, repurpose them in the new layout. Think of it as revamping your home instead of a remodel.

Save on Appliances

If you plan on upgrading your appliances in your renovation, there are a couple things you can do to save. Consider going with gently used appliances (which are usually sold by people who are also remodeling) or getting the pre-scratched floor model. Stores will usually cut the price by 10 to 20 percent for their floor models or returned appliances. Buying at the right time also helps. Model-year-end sales in early fall (September and October) and holiday sales have retailers cutting the prices on their stock. When you buy, consider skipping the extended warranty. The basic free warranty that comes with your appliance will cover you for quite some time and extended warranties tend to be rarely used.

Plan, Pace, Prioritize

Regardless of if you are renovating your residential space or your commercial space, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Planning exactly what you want before you start will keep things on track during the remodel. Make sure you include back-up plans for the unexpected; a little wiggle room can have you prepared for the surprises that may occur during your remodel. It may seem strange, but go slow with your remodel; rushing can lead to mistakes and going slow will let you catch them before they cause problems. Prioritizing the order in which you renovate can also save money and prevent issues further down the road.

Tap into Your Contractor’s Resources

Chances are, your contractor has collected a list of resources over their career that can help you out in your renovation. This could range anywhere from people to materials. Your contractor might have direct access to product vendors and can get the same material you’d get in a store for a lower price. From experience, your contractor will know exactly how to handle a problem in a way that benefits you without compromising the project.

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